Percussion Ensemble Update 3-23-18

Well….we got hit with another percussion ensemble snow day….AGAIN! Seems like no matter what day we move rehearsal to, we just can’t seem to catch a break 😛

With that said, we’ll try to pick things up again this coming week, on our traditional WEDNESDAY date. Here is the schedule we’ll try to follow:

6:00-6:30 Walk the Walk
6:30-7:00 Don’t You Want Me Baby
7:00-7:40 Rock Around the Clock
7:40-8:20 De Janeiro Daze
8:20-9:00 Bluegrass Rondeau

We are down to only a few rehearsals left before our performances. It is absolutely, positively, ridiculously important that you spend some time practicing on your own! There’s no way to sugarcoat it…we have lost a TON of rehearsal time. There are still songs that we have not even rehearsed all the way through yet…those songs absolutely need to be learned ASAP or they risk being cut from the performance slate if we can’t get them performance-ready in the time we have left. Please make sure you personally know EVERY note that you have been assigned to play.

Thank you, have a nice weekend, and let’s all hope for no more snow!
-Mr. Tanzos

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