MZB Update 9-4-17


I hope everyone has had a nice extended weekend and is re-charged for this week! Let’s make sure that we are ready and prepared to continue learning more of Movement 3, as we should now have all of it memorized by Tuesday night. Here is this week’s schedule:

Tuesday – Rehearsal 6-9 PM

Thursday – Rehearsal 6-9 PM

Friday – AWAY football game at Nazareth; Report time is 4:15 PM; Chaperones and truck needed at band room by 4:30 PM; We will be performing HALFTIME. If you wish to stay after school, you may do so. I will be at the band room the whole time. Middle School members can also stay after and be walked over to the High School after school. We will order pizza and drinks for those who want, so please bring some money with you that day.

If you have not done so already, I am pleading with you to PLEASE take a minute to complete the MZB Spring Trip questionnaire

As I mentioned on Friday, there are still several of you that I am waiting for responses from. Even if you have no interest in traveling with the group, please let us know that so we can best serve everyone for this year’s trip. We want to make sure that we have 100% representation on the survey from all band members before making a decision on where to go this spring.

If you have signed up to participate in the Phillies Band Night, please be sure to visit the website and download the music. Please print out the part you would normally play and begin looking it over. It does NOT need to be memorized though.

This is going to be a BIG week for us, as it is our final week before competitions start! We have much to do, so let’s work together, come prepared, and have a great week of rehearsals capped off with a strong performance on Friday!

See you Tuesday!
-Mr. Tanzos

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