MZB Update 7-17-17


A reminder that ALL members have a Summer Session rehearsal on THURSDAY of this week. Rehearsal runs from 6-8 PM. We invite you all to stay after rehearsal from 8-9 PM while we organize some band basketball games in the Aux. Gym! Remember, rehearsal is MANDATORY, unless you have already notified me of your absence due to a scheduling conflict.

ALL members should be working towards MEMORIZING Movement 1 at this point in time. Remember, that once we hit band camp, we will be learning drill right away…therefore it’s important that you already have your music down. You also now have Movement 2 music to work on, so please bring that with you on Thursday.

Hard to believe, but we are down to 3 weeks until band camp starts! You may want to start to gather the following necessary supplies for band camp at this time:
Water jug
Sidewalk chalk (marching members only — to mark marching coordinates on the parking lot)
Music folder (w/plastic sheet protectors to protect the music from wind and moisture)
Comfortable sneakers that are good for marching…(Chuck Taylor’s, Skater Shoes, Hi-Tops may be fashionable, however they are not good marching shoes and can actually cause pain or injury. If this is all you have, I recommend getting a cheap pair of cross training sneakers at WalMart or Payless that you can use just for marching band.)

Also, looking forward, some other season-related costs that you may want to plan/budget for in the next month:
Band Member Polo ($15) — Veterans who already have one (and it still fits), do not need to purchase a new one
Marching Shoes (between $30 and $35) — We will have shoe sizing right away on Thursday, August 10th in the afternoon. Veterans please check to make sure your shoes from last year still fit!
Gloves ($3.50/pair) — Only Brass and Woodwind members need these

Under uniform wear:
PLAIN black t-shirts (without writing/designs…no sleeveless shirts!)
Cotton or mesh gym shorts
Black socks (that come up to the calf or higher)

Thanks and see most of you on THURSDAY!
-Mr. Tanzos

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