MZB Update 11-13-17 *Playoff Game Info*

Here is the plan for Friday’s HOME playoff football game vs. Wyoming Valley West:

Report time is 5:15 PM ; Gator and trailer needed up at BAND ROOM by 5:45 PM ; Chaperones needed at band room by 5:45 PM. We will be performing our field show one final time at HALFTIME.

Here is the link for free 3rd quarter food/drink

Once again, please dress for the weather — wear layers, bring jackets, hats, gloves, etc. Also, everyone MUST bring your MZB raincoat each game from here on out! Whenever our last game ends up being, we will collect them from you afterward.

Lastly — if you have a legitimate pre-existing conflict with the date of the game, please notify me IMMEDIATELY to be excused from the game. Please remember that even though the season is technically over, there are other events throughout the year that can be affected by not following rules and procedures (i.e., Spring Trip, Banquet, etc.).

Please be sure to review the field show between now and Friday, since we will not hold any practices.

I, like many others, are looking forward to getting one final “encore” performance to experience. Let’s enjoy that moment in front of our home crowd!

Hope to see you at the board meeting tonight!
Mr. Tanzos

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