MZB Update 11-12-17 **CHAMPIONS EDITION** :-)

WOW!!! Congratulations once again on an amazing performance, an amazing result, and an amazing season! I could not be more proud of you all!

I have uploaded the judges commentaries from Saturday night onto the Google Classroom page for you to listen to, as well as our own version of an “instant” video. Mr. Haller took a more professional level video/audio recording of the show and will be sharing that with us all in the near future as well.

As I mentioned last night, Dr. Hackett plans to recognize us at Monday evening’s school board meeting. I highly encourage all members and parents to stop out at 7 PM at district office to attend if you are available. We will bring the championship trophy, banner, and plaque along to display. It will certainly be a nice way to promote and honor the hard work, dedication, and wonderful job you all have done this season in representing our school district with pride, dignity, class, and a commitment to excellence!

Lastly — a reminder that we do have another football game on Friday (at home) and that we WILL perform our field show one final time as sort of a “home field champions encore” for our home crowd. I will send further details on that tomorrow…let’s just take the rest of this Sunday to enjoy the “Championship glow” 🙂

Way to go MZB!!!
-Mr. Tanzos

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