MZB 2018 Updates


A few updates and announcements for you regarding the upcoming 2018 season:

– I am pleased to announce that Kaity Arroyo will be our 2018 Drum Major!

– Also pleased to announce the 2018 MZB Student Officers, as voted by all returning members: Kaity Arroyo, Grace Kemmerer, Morgan Guiher, Matt Cascioli, and Braydan Issermoyer. Congratulations on your selection and I trust that you will serve as positive representatives for our marching band!

– Based on your feedback from the polling, we WILL be taking off a Saturday is October. October 13 is now completely free — enjoy that weekend off! 🙂 Given Cavalcade’s rules with championship eligibility and seeding, as well as having a longer season, we can afford to take a week off mid-season, and we will do so this year. Attached is the most up-to-date 2018 season schedule.

– THANK YOU to all on your recruiting efforts thus far! We had 25 new members present at our first training session…and an additional 4 students who have “verbally committed” but could not attend the first session. WOW!!! Let’s hope that we continue to have fantastic turnouts for our remaining sessions! 🙂

– Lastly, make sure your calendars are marked:
• MZB 2017 Banquet (June 3)
• June Mini-Camp (June 5, 6, 7)
• Parent meeting (June 6)
• Start of Band Camp (August 6)
• Home Show (October 20)

Thank you and have a great weekend!
Mr. Tanzos

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