Hello fellow band parents!

Our next fundraiser is now underway – lottery calendars. Tuesday at practice your student will be given a white envelope with 10 lottery tickets inside. Each ticket costs $10.00 each and covers October and November. Here’s how it works …

Each ticket is numbered with 3 digits. That number stays the same for all of October and November. If your number is pulled by the Pennsylvania Pick 3 Lottery you win a $25.00 gift card that day (Halloween and Thanksgiving day is $50.00). Numbers must match the drawing in consecutive order.

There are incentives for you as a family as well …
Each ticket sold gets $5.00 deposited into your Student Account.
Every 10 tickets you sell your student gets an entry into a drawing for a $50.00 gift card to a place of your choice.

Each ticket has a tear away portion on top that lists information to be completed, as well as your students name. Please return the envelope with those ticket stubs, the money, and any unsold tickets. DEADLINE IS SEPT 29th – The Parkland home football game.

If you have any questions or need additional tickets please contact Cheryl Schuster.

PS – Gilbert Funeral Home generously paid for the printing costs for this AND bought 10 tickets for themselves. That $100 will be put into the general fund.

Happy selling!
Sandy Ball
WMPA President

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