Car Wash Fundraiser, July 8th

Hello everyone,

Our Car Wash Fundraiser is this Saturday, July 8th from 9am to 1pm at Carsmetics on MacArthur Road (same building as Safelite, right in front of Kmart).

The following band members have signed up to help:

Nick Riedy
Eireann Hunsicker
Elaine Ramirez
Isabella Barajas
Sabrina Haller
Zach Messigner
Kaitlyn Jacob
Grace Kemmerer
Braydan Issermoyer
Damien Bartos

Please be at Carsmetics by 8:45am.

If anyone else is interested in helping, just let me know.

Parents…tell your friends…and family… $5.00 per car and $7.00 for truck or SUV.

See you then!
Tara I.

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