Tonight’s Practice, Weekend Revisions, Reminders

MZB Parents,

On account of tonight’s weather and what our needs are at the moment (outside time to review new drill) — we are going to end tonight’s rehearsal early at 8:00 PM and transfer that hour of rehearsal time towards Saturday’s practice before we depart for the competition. This will allow us to make better use of our time together as a band.

Therefore, report time for SATURDAY will now be 12:00 NOON. Attached is a revised battle plan to reflect the changed times. Please be sure to eat lunch before you arrive!

Also, please do not forget that picture day is tomorrow — meaning ALL members MUST stay after school. PLEASE be sure to bring your RAINCOAT!!! There is a good chance of some rain throughout the evening, so it is going to be a requirement!

Thank you in advance for your flexibility! Let’s hope the weather will cooperate accordingly!

-Mr. Tanzos

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Discount Voucher for Saturday’s competition

MZB Family and Friends,

Attached is a discount voucher for $1 off the price of tickets for Saturday’s competition at Conrad Weiser HS. Please feel free to share with anyone who is going to the show.

Remember, we do not have any advanced tickets for sale this week — all tickets will be sold at the gate Saturday.

Thank you!
Mr. Tanzos

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MZB Update 9-26-16

Congrats on a successful week and result on Saturday! I feel like we really started to make some positive strides in the right direction. It is important that we continue to retain the improvements made, while also working on getting better in other areas at the same time. We plan to finish learning the rest of Heat Wave on Tuesday so that we can have a complete show to perform this weekend. Please come with ALL of that song memorized!

For your reference, here are the TOB rankings based on this past week.

Once again, pay close attention to #2, #3, and #4…we will all go head to head on Oct. 8 — an extremely rare instance for a regular season competition! We’ll need to make sure we are at our very best that night.

I’ve attached 2 judges commentaries from Saturday’s performance for you to listen to and learn from: 1 Music judge (on the field) and 1 Visual judge (up in the press box). Please listen to them when you get a chance to see what they identify as strengths and weaknesses in our performance.

Here is the schedule for this week:

Tuesday – Rehearsal 6-9 PM

Thursday – Rehearsal 6-9 PM

Friday – AWAY football game at Parkland ; PICTURE DAY (re-scheduled from Sep. 9). ALL MEMBERS MUST STAY AFTER SCHOOL THIS DAY! Pictures will take place at 3:30, so we will need to get into uniform soon after dismissal. We will do a Pizza order for anyone wishing to partake after pictures. Picture order forms will be sent home on Tuesday (they are optional) — however the company only sent me 50 copies, so if you do not wish to order any, please let your son/daughter know not to take a form.
Report time for the truck is 5:00 PM to the band room ; Chaperones needed by 5:15 PM.

Saturday – Cavalcade Competition at Conrad Weiser HS (44 Big Spring Rd., Robesonia, PA 19551) ; Practice begins at 1:00 PM ; Truck needed by 3:00 PM at stadium parking lot ; Chaperones needed by 3:45 PM. Detailed Battle Plan below and attached. ALL MEMBERS NEED TO PACK A DINNER! We will NOT have time to visit the snack stand at the show this week.

For family and friends attending the show, here is the schedule.

Please note that for Cavalcade shows we do not have advanced tickets for sale (instead, our band program gets a check from the host for a flat fee for attending the show). You may purchase tickets at the gate the day of the show: $9 for adults, $7 seniors/students.

Let’s keep pushing, working together, and maximizing our abilities! We’ve got a lot of competition this week — let’s come motivated and prepared to continue getting better each and every rehearsal!

Thanks and see you TUESDAY!
Mr. Tanzos

BATTLE PLAN for Saturday, October 1
Conrad Weiser HS Competition
44 Big Spring Rd., Robesonia, PA 19551

12:30 pm – School open
1:00 pm – Rehearsal begins
3:15 pm – Load equipment truck; Change into “Partial Uniform”
4:30 pm – Depart for Conrad Weiser HS (Eat packed dinner on bus or after practice!)
6:00 pm – Arrive at Conrad Weiser HS; Visit restrooms
6:15 pm – Unload truck; warm-up
8:00 pm – Whitehall MZB performance
8:20 pm – Load truck
8:45 pm — Back to stadium to watch host band
9:00 pm – Awards Ceremony
9:45 pm – Depart for home
11:15 pm – Estimated arrival time home…ALL members must stay at the school until the equipment truck is completely unloaded. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

A list of things all members should bring with them for the entire day:
Marching Shoes
Under-uniform wear
Make-up / Hair products (Colorguard)
Water for during practice
Dinner for after practice/bus ride
Sweatshirt or jacket

Please come prepared, be flexible, and let’s work together so that we can reach our fullest potential!

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